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817-444268 - As jewelry and the watch capital of the world Geneva has always attracted some of the wealthiest tourists in the world, here Christieís, famous action house, saleroom in Geneva, Place de la Taconnerie, old town, Geneva, Switzerland
817-433765 - single running man, pedestrian passage under the street connecting botanic garden with Geneva Lake shore, very popular road for runners in Geneva, healthcare and fitness has primary meaning for people in Geneva, Switzerland
817-424329 - Severe winter, frozen car trapped in ice, Versoix, canton of Geneva, Lake Geneva region, Lake Geneva shore, Switzerland, water was blown out from the lake by very strong wind and at very low temperature it got frozen immediately
785-542 - Little Quarter Bridge Tower, with St. Vitus's Cathedral, in the distance, taken from Charles Bridge, Little Quarter, in the evening, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe