Robert Harding

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765-2284 - Italian breakfast with pastries, croissant, puff pastry (sfoglia) with chocolate, puff pastry (sfoglia) with cream, rice puddings (budini di riso) and espresso, Italy, Europe
832-400405 - Creme brulee, burnt cream. Sweet baked dessert in a deep porcelain white plate with handles. Dish, decorated with currants and blueberries. Plate and spoon are placed on a red checkered tablecloth
832-400292 - Happy young family parents with two small kids gathering around brick fireplace in cozy and warm country house during Christmas holidays in winter. Father, mother ad children sitting by fire at home
832-400293 - Christmas or New year dinner against burning fireplace and xmas gifts in cozy house decorated with led lights, festive table with freshly baked cake, lit candles, glasses of champagne, selective focus