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832-404384 - Lifestyle, young brunette with a wool cap and a red sweater with her eyes closed listening to music from her cell phone with her black headphones. Background of a brick wall
832-404380 - Lifestyle, brunette Caucasian sending a message with her mobile phone in the city. Relaxing with a take away coffee next to a beautiful church in the park. Black sweater and with a wool hat
1112-7960 - On the path to The Petra Monastery (Al Dayr), Petra Archaeological Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Petra, Jordan, Middle East
832-400355 - Muslim teen girl hugging a tree. Close up portrait of a young female in a hijab and casual clothes in the park. Protecting the environment and caring for plants concept
832-400336 - Multicultural group of young female friends bonding outdoors and having fun. Stylish cool teen girls gathering at basketball court, friends ready for playing basketball outdoors