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746-91178 - Reykjanesviti lighthouse with steam hovering over the hot springs of the geothermal area Gunnuhver and teh geothermal power plant Sudurnes. europe, northern europe, iceland, February
746-88138 - Salmon cages in the Vagafjordur, teh islands Streymoy, Koltur, Hestur and Sandoy in the background. The island Vagar, part of the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic. Europe, Northern Europe, Denmark, Faroe Islands
1113-39003 - Burgos cathedral in teh evening light, Gothic, Camino Frances, Way of St. James, Camino de Santiago, pilgrims way, UNESCO World Heritage Site, European Cultural Route, province of Burgos, Old Castile, Castile-Leon, Castilla y Leon, Northern Spain, Spain, Europe
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