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746-88415 - A Dorze compound with banana grove in foggy weather. The huts have a frame made of bamboo amd a waterproof layer of Banana leaves. Cattle has its own compartment in the hut. The tribe of the Dorze is living high up in the Guge Moutains above the ethiopian part of the rift valley. ,Africa, East Africa, Ethiopia, February 2010
911-10906 - The Black House village at Garenin near Carloway on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland, UK. These ancient traditional houses have been preserved, after they were abandoned finally in the 1970's until then people were living in them.
1161-8506 - Thatched cottage old stone home at Auchindrain Highland farming township settlement and village folklore museum at Furnace near Inveraray in the Highlands, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe