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365-3860 - Three types of renewable electricity generation on Newton Down, wind turbine, solar panels and, in the shed, anaerobic digestion, Newton Down, Porthcawl, South Wales, United Kingdom, Europe
1161-5248 - Royal Family guests from the feudal family of Karjali at Holi festival of 76th Maharana of Mewar, His Highness, Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, at the City Palace, Rajasthan, India (left to right: Sidhi Kumari, Karuna Kunwar, Bahv Vaibhav Singh)
857-47539 - Colorful fall foliage defines the pathway from Richardson Lake to this historic hunting and fishing camp in western Maine. Ben Pearson, the fourth generation in his family to own the camp, is carefully restoring the main building, three boat houses an
911-2516 - Three generations of an Inuit family on Shishmaref, aa tiny island inhabited by around 600 Inuits, between Alaska and Siberia in the Chukchi Sea, United States of America, North America
110-7530 - Portrait of a family, three generations, including a boy on a donkey, outside their painted house in the alabaster village of Dra Abul Naga, Egypt, North Africa, Africa
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