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1350-3825 - Local people inside a house in Gyantse village or Gyangze town, Tibet, China. Located in the northeast of Gyantse at 3900 meters above sea level. Pelkor Chode Monastery, or rather Palcho Monastery in Tibetan language means auspicious monastery. It was first built in early 15th century and took 10 years to complete. Because it was built when different religious sectors conflicted neck and neck in Tibet, Sakyapa, Kadampa and Gelukpa of Tibetan Buddhism coexist in it. Each religious sector has five to six Dratsang schools in the monastery.
832-372357 - Tibetan Buddhism, religious Cham mask dance at the important Gelugpa monastery of Kumbum, Huangzhong, Xinning, Qinghai province, formerly known as Kokonur, Tibet, China, Asia
832-372362 - Tibetan Buddhism, religious masked Cham dance, at the important Kumbum Monastery, Gelug or Gelug-pa yellow hat sect, Ta'er Monastery, Huangzhong, Xinning, Qinghai, formerly Amdo, Tibet, China, Asia