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832-387101 - Orange lighthouse of Oendverdarnes stands at cliff coast, rocky coast of lava rock, long time exposure, Oendveroarnes, Snaefellsjoekull National Park, Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Snaefellsnes, Vesturland, Iceland, Europe
1116-48030 - A mother and her baby daughter sitting on a picnic blanket and spending quality time together while enjoying a family outing in a city park on a warm fall afternoon, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1116-48836 - Colourful layers of minerals are exposed at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. No grass grows on the Painted Hills Unit, Mitchell, Oregon, United States of America
1116-48396 - A young mother with enjoying quality time outdoors with her baby daughter watching and feeding some ducks together in a city park on a warm summer day, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1116-48400 - A beautiful young mother with long blonde hair enjoying quality time with her cute baby daughter and tossing her in the air while sitting on the grass in a city park during a summer day, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
746-89844 - A view over the canal in winter time, in the distance you can see a gondola, a typical boat used in Venice to wade channels led by a sailor, Veneto, Italy, Europe