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832-392551 - Man taking pictures of himself with mobile phone, hiker sitting in hammock with view of mountains with lake, Plansee, Ammergau Alps, district Reutte, Tyrol, Austria, Europe
832-389742 - Night sky with stars and milky way over Lechtal mountains, in the foreground summit cross of the Geierkopf with tent, Reutte, Ammergau Alps, Tyrol, Austria, Europe
832-389486 - Young man looking over mountain landscape, mountain pines at the top of Baerenkopf, view of Achensee at sunset, on the left Seekarspitze and Seebergspitze, Karwendel, Tyrol, Austria, Europe
832-389508 - Cross of the Kreuzspitze by a starry sky with tent and mountaineer at the summit, in the background the Lechtal Alps, Elmen, Lechtal Alps, Ausserfern, Tyrol, Austria, Europe
832-389190 - Rugged mountain peaks, degree of the Grosser Moeseler with glacier Furtschaglkees, snow-covered mountains, high alpine landscape in fog, Berliner Hoehenweg, Zillertaler Alps, Zillertal, Tyrol, Austria, Europe
832-389159 - Hiker, young woman and young man on suspension bridge at the Olpererhuette, Schlegeis reservoir, Schlegeis reservoir, Zillertal Alps, Schlegeiskees glacier, Zillertal, Tyrol, Austria, Europe