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860-288795 - Black pigs in dehesa in Estramadura, Spain. A dehesa is an agro-sylvo-pastoral mode of cultivation formed by a sparse undergrowth grazing where pigs or sheep graze freely and where green or cork oaks grow, cut and exploited. This very old system persists in the poor and dry areas of the Mediterranean basin and covers several million hectares in the Iberian Peninsula.
860-287295 - Mongolian horsewoman dressed with traditional clothes, lead a troop of horses running in a group in the meadow, Bashang Grassland, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, Inner Mongolia, China
746-88229 - The church of Holar during winter. Holar is a famous archaeological site and is home to the Holar University Collage focusing on agriculture, horse breeding and tourism. europe, northern europe, iceland, March
832-150129 - Mongolian child riding on a horse towards a summer camp of the nomads with a yak herd, ger or yurts round tents, in a lush green grass landscape near the Khuisiin Naiman Nuur Nature Reserve, Oevoerkhangai Aimak, Mongolia, Asia
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