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1278-241 - Trajans Market (Mercati di Traiano) and Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi (House of the Knights of Rhodes) at blue hour, UNESCO World Heritage Site, elevated view, Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe
817-459145 - View over Trajan's Forum Forum Traiani to Santa Maria di Loretto left and The Church of the Most Holy Name of Mary at the Trajan Forum right, two churches twin churches in the historic center of Rome. The Trajan's column is located between the churches, Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe.
832-261265 - View of the Collonna Traiana Column from the Vittoriano, two church domes, Prefettura, imperial foras, Fori Imperiali, Foro di Traiano, Piazza Venezia Square, Rome, Italy, Europe
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