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832-404385 - Lifestyle, two friends who have just arrived at the hotel with suitcases taking a selfie with the mobile, a Caucasian blonde girl and a black girl with afro hair, a pink dress and a red dress
832-404231 - Mount Aizkorri 1523 meters, the highest in Guipuzcoa. Basque Country. Ascent through San Adrian and return through the Oltza fields. A young woman scratching some goats, vertical photo
1112-8718 - La Cueva rock shelter is an archeological site occupied from almost 5,000 BC, Dripping Springs Trail, Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States of America, North America
832-389243 - Summit cross at Sudelfeldkopf, Stellnerjoch and Kleiner Traithen in the morning light, Sudelfeld, near Bayrischzell, Mangfall mountains, drone photograph, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany, Europe