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1116-51207 - Underwater portrait of a pair of Eyestripe Surgeonfish (Acanthurus dussumieri) off the Kona coast, the Big Island, Hawaii. The nearest individual is a male; Island of Hawaii, Hawaii, United States of America
1116-46836 - The larval stage of a tube anemone (Cerianthus sp), likely around 30 days old at this point, will settle on the bottom at approximately 100 days. Photographed at night one mile off the island of Yap, Yap, Federated States of Micronesia
1116-46541 - A Coastal Manta Ray (Manta Alfredi) Swiming Though A Scuba Diver's Bubbles That Was Photographed While Scuba Diving The Kona Coast At Night, Kona, Island Of Hawaii, Hawaii, United States Of America
1116-46539 - Jellyfish (Pelagia Noctiluca) With Fish Prey Photographed During A Blackwater Scuba Dive Several Miles Offshore Of A Hawaiian Island At Night, Hawaii, United States Of America