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1174-4004 - A group of friends in a red open top convertible classic car celebrating with waving arms as they drive through a city lit with neon signs, United States of America
832-121543 - Rose window of the church Santa Maria Maggiore, early 14th century, seen from inside, peculiar for the decoration with an inscribed square, Alatri, province of Frosinone, Latium, Italy, Europe
832-87837 - An art exhibit of thousands of shoes on the street by artist Tyree Guyton called "Street Folk" represents the issue of homelessness, part of Art X Detroit, a collection of performance art, music, and literary events held in Detroit, Michigan, USA, America
832-59321 - Aerial view, traffic backed up due to an accident resulting in closure of the highway, traffic leaving the exit Hamm via the entry lane, Ruhr Area, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Europe
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