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1350-24 - The Orion Nebula complex consisting of M42, M43 and the reflection nebula area known as the Running Man Nebula, NGC 1973-5-7. NGC 1981 is the blue star cluster at top north edge. North is up, though in the sky from Australia where this was shot the object appeared upside down compared to this northern-centric view.
1350-58 - This is the nebula rich region in the constellation of Monoceros the Unicorn with the dark Cone Nebula (left of centre) and the small V-shaped and bright Hubble's Variable Nebula at bottom, a reflection nebula that varies in form and brightness. Above the Cone Nebula is the triangular Christmas Tree Cluster, NGC 2264, here upside down as the bright blue star 15 Mon is the base of the tree. The large region of nebulosity is Sharpless 2-273. The V-shaped dark nebula above centre is LDN 1603.
1116-46828 - A calf imitates its mother swimming upside down. The sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) is the largest of all the toothed cetaceans. Males can reach 60 feet in length. Photographed in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka
1241-83 - Colourful canoes and kayaks on the bank of Annette Lake with Pyramid Mountain in the background, Jasper National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Canadian Rockies, Alberta, Canada, North America