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857-94290 - aerial view on a sailing boat and rescue boat crossing the Geneva Lake, with mountains in the background, trees on the lake's banks and a marina in Villeneuve, Vaud Canton, Switzerland
857-94429 - alpine chain in the background on a sunny morning with the Geneva lake under a sea of clouds and the Jura mountains on the foreground with snow and spruces in the Vaud Canton, Switzerland
817-469204 - Landscape with Mont Blanc in the background and the railway line Bex-Villars-Bretaye (BVB) is a railway line of 17 km, connecting the station with Bex Bretaye through Villars. Villars, Vaud, Switzerland, Europe.
817-469216 - Lucien, the restaurant owner and Maitre Solalex, in the natural famous for his walls very conducive for climbing called the Miroir d'Argentine. Villars, Vaud, Switzerland, Europe.