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722-266 - Venice, Veneto, Italy. View of the Piazza de San Marco, St Mark's Square, facing the Basilica of San Marco, St Mark's Basilica. To the right stretches the Procuratorie Vecchia while to the left stands the Correr Museum.
722-258 - Venice, Veneto, Italy. A view of the Grand Canal opening out into the lagoon as seen from the Ponte de l'Accademia. On the left is Palazzo Franchetti and in the background stands the Basilica of Santa Maria de la Salute.
1116-53499 - View of the Lighthouse on San Giorgio Maggiore Island looking across the waterway of Bacino Di San Marco to St Mark's Campanile, St Mark's Square, Doge's Palace on and the City of Venice Island under a blue sky, Venice, Veneto, Italy
1116-53481 - View of the City of Venice with the Campanile di San Marco (St Mark's Campanile) and St Mark's Basilica (Basilica di San Marco) standing out among the red clay rooftops, Venice, Veneto, Italy
1116-53472 - Close-up view of the pyramidal spire of St Mark's Campanile behind the decorative rooftop edging of Doge's Palace in the Piazza San Marco in Venice against a blue sky, Venice, Veneto, Italy
1116-53467 - View from the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore of the City of Venice with Chiesa Santa Maria della Salute at Punta della Dogana and boats traveling through the Grand Canal on a sunny day, Venice, Veneto, Italy
1116-53466 - Stunning vista of the City of Venice with St Mark's Campanile and Chiesa Santa Maria della Salute at Punta della Dogana, viewed from the bell tower of San Giorgio Maggiore Island, Venice, Veneto, Italy
1350-6651 - Wood structure of Venice Biennale 2012: New Forms in Wood display now at the city Hall Park at Turku. European capital of culture 2011 was held at 19th of August 2011. The pavilion was the result of a workshop that was a joint collaboration with the students from both Oulu and Columbia Universities. Eero Lundv�n and Markus Wikar were coordinating the student���s efforts in Finland. Guest lecturers at the opening ceremony included Phillip Anzalone (Columbia University) and professor Rainer Mahlamv�ki (University of Oulu). For panel discussion, also Emmi Keskisarja (Tampere University of Technology) and Toni v�sterlund (University of Oulu) were present.