Robert Harding

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1116-49680 - A young man in a bathing suit stands on the volcanic rock on the shore capturing the golden sunset with a smart phone camera, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, United States of America
1116-47684 - Five cow elk (Cervus canadensis) grazing in the light snow-covered field standing in a row with their white rears showing, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, United States of America
832-93718 - The Victoria Rooms, Vic Rooms, with a memorial statue of Edward VII, University of Bristol's Music Department, Queen's Road, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom, Europe
832-68137 - Vegas Vic, famous cowboy figure on a neon sign in old Las Vegas, Pioneer Casino Hotel, Fremont Street Experience, downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America, USA, PublicGround
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