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1336-1199 - A panoramic view of a rugged coastal landscape of Suduroy in the Faroe Islands. The image captures a dramatic cliff face overlooking a narrow inlet, surrounded by the vast Atlantic Ocean.
1373-394 - View of the central building of the Federal Palace of Switzerland, the seat of the Swiss government, located in Bern, the federal city (Bundesstadt) and de facto capital of Switzerland.
1373-392 - View of the Läuferbrunnen (Runner Fountain), one of the Bern Old Town fountains from the 16th century, now standing on Läuferplatz (Runners' square) in the city of Bern, de facto capital of Switzerland.
722-272 - Porto, Oporto, Portugal. Vila Nova de Gaia. Nightime view across the Duoro River of Porto's south bank, Gaia, housing the cellars of the famous Port wine companies.