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817-468836 - Breitig House is a listed winegrower¥s House. It is one of the oldest preserved vinyard houses and the last pure half-timbered House in Radebeul near Dresden, administrative district Meissen, Saxony, Germany, Europe.
832-367074 - Alvarinho, a Vinho Verde of the Oenologist Anselmo Mendes, one of the most successfully Vinho Verde vintners, Vila Nova de Anha near Viana do Castelo, Minho Region, North Portugal, Europe
832-367072 - Red grape bunches hanging from the vines of the Oenologist, Rui Madeira, of the CARM and VDS cellars, in the region of the Douro Superior, North Portugal, Portugal, Europe
832-367143 - Vinho Verde, Alvarinho, Trajadura wine from Quinta de Carapecos made by oenologist Jorge Sousa Pinto near Amarante, Porto area, North Portugal region, Portugal, Europe
832-367129 - CARM red wine created by oenologist Rui Madeira from CARM and VDS wineries, view from his laboratry to the vineyards, Douro superior area, North Portugal, Portugal, Europe