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1348-1436 - Measles virus (of large size) and SV40 virus (of small size), TEM. This electron micrograph reveals both a paramyxovirus measles virus, and virions of the polyomavirus, simian virus SV40 (smaller circles)
1348-117 - Cowpox virus, used for the preparaton of a smallpox vaccine (TEM). Electron micrograph of a Vaccinia Virus. Vaccinia virus is normally confined to cattle, but is conveyed to humans through vaccination
1348-130 - This transmission electron micrograph from a pelleted specimen depicts three icosahedral-shaped herpes virus virions. The staining technique used to process this specimen revealed the following findings: virions with a dark center, where the stain has pen
1348-116 - Electron micrograph of the Marburg virus. Marburg virus, first recognized in 1967, causes a sever type of hemorrhagic fever, which affects humans, as well as non-human primates.
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