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1116-47766 - Extreme close-up of a cured cannabis seed pod, branch and flower with visible trichomes and rays of enlightenment emminating from it, Marina, California, United States of America
1116-42775 - Agriculture - Field of wheat stubble being burned after the harvest to control diseases, reduce weed competition and to make the next planting easier. Volunteer fire fighters use the burning for training / near Williams, California, USA.
832-372242 - Dugong (Dugong dugon), feeding on sea weed, Golden Trevallys (Gnathodon speciosus), Pilot Fish, Great Barrier Reef, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Queensland, Cairns, Australia, Pacific Ocean
832-203586 - Vacant factory buildings, overgrown terrain, former Ausbesserungswerk repair shop of German Railways, vacant, closed in 2003, Duisburg-Wedau, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Europe
832-190573 - Autumn mood at the Five-Color Pond in which dead trees are lying, and seaweed and sea grass is growing, Jiuzhaiguo Valley, Jiuzhaiguo National Park, Sichuan, China, Asiaan, China, Asia
817-423794 - Saint-Emilion, in the Dordogne River Valley, Gironde region, Acquitaine, France, Flanders Poppies Papever rhoeas beside a field of grape vines, other common names: red field poppy, corn poppy, corn rose, red weed, coquelicot, also headache and headwark because the odor is said to cause a headache, May
857-32319 - The weed eating goats of Ewe4ic Ecological Services are herded across the street from a mall in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The herd of approxiamately 1200 goats travels all over the western U.S. with their owner, Lani Malmberg. Goats are an ecologically sound method of weed clearing and land management.
1194-40 - BOLIVIA ECOTOPS projects in Alto Beni. Sandra Gonzales clearing weeds from the family plot, where many crops including cacao, bananas, beans, vegetables and coca are growing