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832-396354 - Soft morning light, wide angle, sun star-shaped next to church tower, St. John the Baptist Catholic Cathedral, blue, sandy and ochre, sky intense blue without clouds, Fira, Santorini Island, Cyclades, Greece, Europe
1348-4580 - Desert Erg Iguidi, Algeria, True Colour Satellite Image. True colour satellite image of Erg Iguidi, a sand desert between Algeria and Mauritania. The 250m wide dunes lay in the South on a sand plain, and in the North on a blakek sandstone area. The light blue areas are calcareous and salt crusts left out from the evaporation of the oueds' water. Image taken on 29 March 1987 using LANDSAT data.
1348-4550 - White Island Volcano'S Smoke Plume, New Zealand, True Colour Satellite Image. White Island volcano, New Zealand, true colour satellite image. White Island (312m) is an uninhabited volcanic island, 2 km wide, located 50 km off the coast of North Island in New Zealand. The plume contains smoke and ash. Image taken on 14 August 2000 using LANDSAT data. Print size 30 x 30 cm.
1348-4555 - Bromo Volcano, Java Island, Indonesia, True Colour Satellite Image. Java, Indonesia, true colour satellite image. Different volcanoes are located in the 16km-wide Tengger caldera : Bromo (2329m), at the North of this view, and Semeru (3676m), a very active volcano. Image taken on 20 August 1991 using LANDSAT data. Print size 30 x 30 cm.
1116-51266 - A male lion (Panthera leo) shows the Flehmen response by opening his mouth wide as if he were roaring. He has a golden coat that glows in the warm early morning light. Shot with a Nikon D850 in Serengeti National Park; Tanzania
1350-140 - The large star-forming region of IC 1396 in Cepheus, taken September 5, 2018 from home in southern Alberta. The wide field includes the bright orange star Mu Cephei, or Herschel's Garnet Star, at top. The Elephant Trunk Nebula is at centre. North is at top.
1350-59 - A wide-angle view of the Northern Hemisphere autumn Milky, from Aquila at bottom right in thw south, to Cassiopeia and Perseus at upper left in the northeast. Cygnus is at centre overhead on a late October evening. The Summer Triangle stars are at centre and right; the Andromeda Galaxy and Triangulum galaxies are at bottom left. The dark nebula Le Gentil 3, aka the Funnel Nebula, is at centre.
1350-670 - As their common name suggests, they are often seen hovering or nectaring at flowers; the adults of many species feed mainly on nectar and pollen, while the larvae (maggots) eat a wide range of foods.
860-288898 - Unidentified Needlefish (Belonidae sp.) opens wide while being cleaned by a pair of Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus) at a cleaning station. Anilao, Philippines. Pacific Ocean.
1116-49725 - A blurred image of a woman standing in the surf, looking out at the sunset on the two mile long, three hundred feet wide, Papohaku Beach on the west shore of Molokai. This is the longest white-sand beach in the Hawaiian Islands, Molokai, Hawaii, United States of America
832-388172 - Wooden cabin, wide landscape, turquoise river, colorful vegetation and discolored trees in autumn, Ruska Aika, Indian Summer, Indian Summer, Indian Summer, Tessand, Innlandet, Norway, Europe
1174-8152 - Two hippos, Hippopotamus amphibius, fight each other on land, one with his jaws wide open, the other with bloodied mouth and flanks, Londolozi Game Reserve, Sabi Sands, South Africa