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832-394376 - Petri dishes in the hand of a laboratory technician at the drying cabinet in the laboratory, insertion of a multiple sample into a laboratory device, Freiburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, Europe
1194-73 - BOLIVIA Visiting the farm of Wilfredo Castro, his wife Vicencia Choque and uncle Manuel Villalobes in Colonia 7 Estrellas, near Caranavi. They are exemplary benefeciaries of the FUNDAWI project, gropwing many kinds of aromatic and medicinal herbs, as well as the usual food crops such as maize, beans, fruit and vegetables, ertc. Their cash crop is coffee. Originally from La Paz and the Alti Plano, they have lived in the yngas for over 20 years as successful farmers. Daniel Tarqui (red and blue shirt), FUNDAWI technician, and Delia Cruz Condori (left) giving advice
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