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1174-1452 - A heap of recycled reclaimed timber planks of wood. Environmentally responsible reclamation in a timber yard. A man carrying a large plank of splintered rough wood, Pine Plains, New York, USA
975-94 - A thin row of trees border one of the fields cultivating crops in the Region of Volcanoes National Park. The mountain range Silhouetted against the sky. Volcanoes National Park, Virunga mountains, Rwanda, East Africa
817-277707 - Germany, Idstein. Germany, Idstein, Woersbach, Woersbach valley, Goldener Grund, nature reserve Rhine-Taunus, Naturpark Rhein-Taunus, Taunus, Hesse, D-Idstein-Walsdorf, Knallbach, village view, parish church, evangelic church, residential buildings, landscape, low mountain range, hilly country, cornfield, cloudy sky