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1350-3751 - Holy Week processions in Guatemala city. Holy Thursday. Holy Week in Guatemala is celebrated with street expressions of faith, called processions, usually organized by a "hermandades". Each procession of Holy Week has processional floats and steps, which are often religious images of the Passion of Christ, or Marian images, although there are exceptions, like the allegorical steps of saints.
1350-1185 - Sahar at left and Houriye at right, both 15 years old, Girls picking chards harvest, day laborers, child labour, syrian refugees, in Bar Elias, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
1350-1189 - At right Khaled 13 years old. At left his brother Ibrahim 15 years old, picking cucumbers harvest, day laborers, child labour, syrian refugees, Arsal, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
1350-1186 - Sahar at right and Houriye at left, both 15 years old, Girls picking chards harvest, day laborers, child labour, syrian refugees, in Bar Elias, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
1350-965 - Teenagers who were child soldier during their childhood that belonged to armed groups of the Colombian conflict. The international day against the child soldier is known worldwide also as the day of the red hand, colombia
857-94727 - Mforo, Tanzania a village near Moshi, Tanzania. Solar Sister entrepreneur Fatma Mziray and her eldest daughter Zainabu Ramadhani, 19 cook lunch in her kitchen house using both a clean cookstove using wood and one using coal. One of her younger daughters, Nasma Ramadhani, age 5 helps out. Fatma Mziray is a Solar Sister entrepreneur who sells both clean cookstoves and solar lanterns. Fatma heard about the cookstoves from a Solar Sister development associate and decided to try one out. The smoke from cooking on her traditional wood stove using firewood was causing her to have a lot of heath problems, her lungs congested her eyes stinging and her doctor told her that she had to stop cooking that way. Some days she felt so bad she couldn't go in to cook. Fatma said, “Cooking for a family, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner I used to gather a large load of wood every day to use. Now with the new cook stove the same load of wood can last up to three weeks of cooking. “With the extra time I can develop my business. I also have more time for the family. I can monitor my children’s studies. All of this makes for a happier family and a better relationship with my husband. Since using the clean cookstove no one has been sick or gone to the hospital due to flu.” Fatma sees herself helping her community because she no longer sees the people that she has sold cookstoves have red eyes, coughing or sick like they used to be. She has been able to help with the school fees for her children, purchase items for the home and a cow. “What makes me wake up early every morning and take my cookstoves and go to my business is to be able to take my family to school as well as to get food and other family needs.”
809-6596 - Assumption of the Virgin Mary by Francois Francken the Younger dating from 1628, Red Pillar Chapel (Chapel of Notre Dame du Puy). Amiens Cathedral, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Picardy, France, Europe
832-372957 - Greater Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum), Meheley's Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophus mehelyi) and Common Bent-wing Bat, Schreiber's Long-Fingered Bat or Schreiber's Bat (Miniopterus schreibersii) in cave in Sardinia, Italy, Europe