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857-1095 - Some of the hundreds of dugout canoes or pirogues that are paddled out to tie onto the boat and barges that steam up the congo River. People who live along the river bring bush meat, fish, and produce to trade with the merchants who travel on the boat.
857-1085 - Men in a canoe paddle to join with others tied up the the side of barges pushed up the Congo River by the Col. Ebeya. The canoes bring fish, meat, insects, and produce to the boat, which the fishermen trade for manufactured goods.
857-1075 - View of one of the crowded barges and the dugout canoes or pirogues which the fishermen and hunters who live along the Congo River use to bring bush meat to the boat to trade for salt, sugar and other goods.
857-1077 - Villagers and pirogues await the arrival of the Col. Ebeya as it pushes its very crowded barges up the Congo River from Kinshasa to Kisingani. . The boat is a moving market for people who live along the river.
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