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FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions



How do I search for images?

Type one keyword such as "temple" into the Search box, then click "Go". Our super-fast system will show temples and how many images and pages of results – it could be a lot! Only use a "Simple Search" if you’re seeking broad inspirations, and have plenty of time.

Can I filter a Search?

Type in all the visual elements as keywords adding "and" between each one – for example, "temple and people and India". The images found will include all three elements.

You can do the same thing with "or" between each keyword . For example: "temple and India or Thailand" will provide temple images in two locations instead of one.

Using "not" between keywords rules out elements or locations you want to eliminate. "temple and people not children" will ensure that only temple shots showing adults will be found.

Can I search in the results?

Yes. Let’s say you searched for "celebration"; now you’ve got hundreds of possible images from many countries. To narrow things down, just tick "Search in Results" and type a more focused word in the Search box, e.g. "wedding". Now you’ll get a manageable group of images to consider. And you can go on refining by typing in even more specific words, such as "bride" or "bouquet".

If I am not sure of a spelling for a keyword what should I do?

Whether it's "Timbucktoo", "Timbuktu" or "Timbouctoo"? then our new auto complete dropdown will help you choose what you want. Simply start to type in "Timbu" and you will see which is the best spelling to use. Just click on the keyword in the dropdown menu and it will search for you.


How do I add or remove an image/s in a lightbox?

The thumbnail images in a search results screen will show this icon. Click on the icon and the image will automatically be added to your lightbox So, if you change your mind or want to remove that image, just click on the icon again. In the lightbox by using the Lightbox actions drop-down box you can delete, copy or move any images that you have ticked.

How do I view my active lightbox?

Choose the "active lightbox" from the "lightbox" drop down menu on the main navigation bar.

Can I make several lightboxes and how do I manage my lightboxes?

Yes make as many as you like. To see a lightbox other than the active lightbox click on "manage my lightboxes" in the top left panel on the lightbox page or on the main navigation drop down that says lightboxes. Every lightbox you've created will be shown. Its a good idea from time to time to delete lightboxes you no longer need.

Can I add notes to lightboxes and send lightboxes to colleagues?

Not only can you can add notes, clients details etc., but you can email a lightbox to others, view colleagues lightboxes and even re-arrange the order of the images in the lightbox.

How do I Create, Rename or Delete a lightbox?

Making new lightboxes can be done by clicking on the lightbox dropdown menu on the navigation "create a new lightbox" or if in the lightbox on the top left panel.

To rename a lightbox just click on "rename this lightbox". To delete the lightbox at any time click on "delete this lightbox".


Buying and downloading images/video

How do I buy images?

First you must be registered and have signed in.

Add images to your cart at a search results page, the light box or the preview window at any time. Place the image/images/video into the cart by clicking on the cart button under the selected image.

To see your cart selection go click on shopping cart.

Tell us how you will use it by using the drop downs beside the image. You can apply the same licence to other images in you cart by clicking on the button "Copy usage to all Images" and they will all be filled in.

On the Price Summary page you are asked to fill in the details Your Reference which could be a Purchase Order and you have the opportunity to direct the delivery of the images to a different address. Finally tick the terms of licence box if you wish to proceed. At any point until payment you can cancel.

Can I download the high resolution image/s to my desktop?

Yes there are two ways. You will sent a link to do this in an email and / or you can download immediately after the image has been purchased from the link provided on the screen.

Do I need a credit card to buy images or can I get a credit account?

You will need a credit card to buy and download images from the cart if you have not previously set up a credit account.

How do I get a credit account and what are the advantages?

You need to contact us and we can arrange to set you up with credit facilities. You can then download high resolution images without a credit card.

Can I download high resolution images for comping/technical reason without paying for them?

Yes but we need to set you up with a quick download facility which bypasses the cart.



Why should I register?

If you register you can create and save lightboxes, view and download un-watermarked preview size images, set and save your search parameters in My Account and finally use the shopping cart to buy and download high resolution images. Plus we will keep you up to date with new content and promotions that could save or earn you money.


My Account

Can I change my Username?

No your username is unique. If you have forgotten it you can contact us and we will remind you.

Can I change my Password?

Yes any time, just sign in and go to My Account dropdown menu and select change password and follow the instructions. Don’t forget to update it by clicking on the "Change Details" button at the bottom of the form.

What else can I do in My Account

You can update your details such as addresses, telephone numbers etc

Can I change my browsing preferences?

Yes you can set up default browsing preferences which will enable you to always have a chosen number of images on the search results screen, allow you to only browse for image, or video and finally select rm or rf.

Can I see my search and order history?

Yes you can see all these in you account details.


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