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Two climbers dig out their tent after a snowstorm covered them in 14k camp on Mount McKinley, Alaska. Climbers are advised to spare no expense on a expedition-quality tent as it can mean the difference between life and death during a ferocious storm on Denali. Extra poles and repair materials are important in case of damage caused by storms. Plan to take extra pickets, wands or deadmen for tent anchors. Never leave a tent without anchoring it securely. Tents are lost each year due to sudden gusts of wind while the tent was left unattended or drying. Every climbing season High Mountain Rangers of the Denali National Park Service are called to help climbers in need. If possible the patient is brought down to base camp on foot, only in life threatening conditions a helicopter is called to evacuate the patient to a hospital in Anchorage.

Menno Boermans


Menno Boermans