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Each summer the Sami reindeer herders of Northern Scandinavia face the challenge of ear-marking each of the new calves born to their herd. Using the ancient mark of their family, the small carvings made in the ears allow the herders to recognise their herd whilst they graze. It's a daunting task given the number of reindeer they are responsible for and the vast distances they cover as they graze across the mountain pastures north of the Arctic Circle.Sweden?????s indigenous Sami reindeer herders are demanding state aid to help them cope with the impact of this summer?????s unprecedented drought and wildfires, saying their future is at risk as global warming changes the environment in the far north. The Swedish government this week announced five major investigations aimed at preparing the country for the kind of extreme heatwave it experienced in July, when temperatures exceeded 30C (86F) and forest fires raged inside the Arctic circle.

Ake Ericson


Ake Ericson