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Mother brown bear sow (Ursus arctos) with two cubs-of-year (COY) at the Brooks River in Katmai National Park near Bristol Bay, Alaska, USA. Pacific Ocean. The normal range of physical dimensions for a brown bear is a head-and-body length of 1.7 to 2.8 m (5.6 to 9.2 feet) and a shoulder height 90 to 150 cm (35 to 60 inches). Males are 38-50% larger than females. It is not unusual for large male Kodiak Bears to stand over 3 m (10 feet) while on their hind legs and to weigh about 680 kg (1,500 lb). The largest wild Kodiak bear on record weighed over 1,100 kilograms (2,500 pounds). There are about 200,000 brown bears in the world, with 32,500 in the United States. 95% of the brown bear population in the United States live in Alaska.


Michael Nolan