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About robertharding

The name robertharding has been synonymous with travel & nature photography for over forty years and is widely acknowledged within the stock industry as the leading content specialist for travel, world cultures, nature & the environment.


Within our collections you will find premium photography and video covering a diverse range of subjects such as destinations, tourism, people, cultures, wildlife, nature, landscapes, archaeology, architecture and the environment. Our reputation to engage and influence audiences through the beauty, power and intimacy of superb travel imagery is well known and we are particularly proud of our network of international partners that represent our collections ensuring our content has a global reach.


We enjoy very close working relationships with our established network of international partners ensuring top search positions across all the major websites and feature constantly in their marketing campaigns. This exposure means a better return which is then reflected in the royalties we pay our contributing photographers and cinematographers.


Shoot for robertharding and join our team of successful artists, get the best global exposure on all the major platforms for your content and enjoy great returns.


Benefits of working with robertharding

• Global exposure on and the world’s most successful image and video licensing websites

• A dedicated team providing one to one support for technical and creative guidance

• Easy to use Portal for uploading high-resolution submissions

• Regular feedback on image trends, in-demand and up and coming locations


What our customers say

"robertharding is very in sync with BA....We know we can do a simple search and are guaranteed to find images that we like."

Lois Rann – British Airways


"robertharding have a passion for travel and photography that reflects in the quality of their images. They also take the time and care to edit their content so that only the best gets through."

Anthony Crocker – Trailfinders


"I love working with robertharding because they have such a vast collection of high quality images and they work hard to keep you happy as a client, and it’s genuine."

Alex Armour – The Sunday Times Travel Magazine


"It’s a fantastic resource that offers me choice, quality and creativity. They say it’s all in the interpretation, images can mean different things to different people, but the robertharding team really understands my individual needs and rarely fail to deliver. The team are experienced, quick to respond and a pleasure to work with, and the site likewise. Keep up the good work!"

Annie Harris – Business Traveller Magazine


What our photographers say

"I’ve been a contributor to robertharding since 1989. In that time, stock photography has gone through dramatic changes and many libraries have fallen by the wayside, but rh has always managed to adapt to those changes and remain one of the leaders in the stock business which is why, after almost 25 years, it is still my first choice library and continues to be my biggest source of image sales. I hope that continues for another 25 years!"

Lee Frost


"They’re fast at turning round image submissions and getting our best new work to market which benefits everyone, and they’re always looking to promote the profiles of contributing photographers on the website which is great for us."

Ann & Steve Toon @SandAToon


"I love working with robertharding because of their obvious passion for travel photography and the close relationship they have with their contributing photographers. As their already impressive collection continues to expand the team are always at the end of a phone line ready to give advice about upcoming shoots and great image feedback. Sales are consistently good and I would have no hesitation in recommending this agency to any aspiring travel photographer. They’re really cool to work with!"

Gavin Hellier @GHellier


What our channel partners say

"At Alamy we recognise that high quality travel photography requires expertise and professionalism and this shines out in the work we receive from robertharding. From submission to sales, our companies work very closely together to make it work for both sides."

Alan Capel, Head of content - Alamy


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