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  • 848-730 ( Ben Pipe )Dancers in traditional dress, Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria, Copacabana, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, South America
  •  ( Ben Welsh )
  • 1275-90 ( JIA HE )Dramatic sunrise at the Sydney Harbour, with a view of the Sydney Opera House, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Pacific
  • 1177-1719 ( Pep Karsten )Silhouette man standing on seashore against clear sky during sunny day
  • 1177-1741 ( Vasily Pindyurin )Couple reading map while sitting on roadside against sky
  • 1218-665 ( Laura Grier )Merzouga Desert, Morocco, North Africa, Africa
  • 1205-13 ( Kevin Morgans )Brown bear (Ursus arctos), Lake Clark, Alaska, United States of America, North America
  • 1174-4796 ( Mint Images )High angle close up of girl sitting on steps eating ice cream, United States of America
  • 1177-1899 ( Sebastian Doerken )Rear view of mid adult woman in bikini relaxing at beach against blue sky, Seychelles
  • 1284-112 ( Ed Hasler )Painting of Che Guevara and Cuban flag on a wall, Havana, Cuba, West Indies, Caribbean, Central America
  • 1171-70 ( Andreas Brandl )Wide angle view of ultra modern architecture in Shanghai Pudong at night, Shanghai, China, Asia
Robert Harding

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1282-6 ( Simon Turnbull ) - Boys water fight, Tukad Unda dam, Bali, Indonesia, South East Asia.

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