1226-82 ( Fraser Hall ) - The towers of the Central Business District and Marina Bay by night, Singapore
Robert Harding
1219-108 ( Garry Ridsdale ) - Frost sits on the timbers of Whitby Pier as it extends out to the sea on a cold winters morning, Whitby, North Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe
1185-40 ( Janette Hil ) - Siberian Tiger (Panthera tigris altaica), Montana, United States of America, North America
1219-28 ( Garry Ridsdale ) - A lone photographer stands perched on a rock silhouetted against the dawn orange sky at Yaki Point, Grand Canyon National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Arizona, United States of America, North America
1195-70 ( Frederic Courbet ) - Hardest hit was a 650 kilometers stretch of the somali coastline between garacad (mudung region) and xaafuun (bari region), which forms part of the puntland province near the horn of africa. The tsunami resulted in the death of some 300 people and extensive destruction of shelters, houses and water sources as well as fishing gear. The livelihoods of many people residing in towns and small villages along the somali indian ocean coastline, particularly in the northern regions, were devastated