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  • 1178-26757 ( Jamie Grill )Mature woman volunteer collecting branches in garden
  • 1177-2993 ( Alexandra C. Ribeiro )View from above organic beets and beetroot in crate
  • 1116-46308 ( Dosfotos )Roman Artichokes For Sale At Piazza Dell'unita Market, Rome, Italy
  • 1174-7293 ( Mint Images )Japanese boy standing outside a farm shop, holding flower, looking at camera, Kyushu, Japan
  • 809-8069 ( Godong )Farmers harvest and thresh by hand in rice paddy fields, Antananarivo, Madagascar, Africa
  • 1116-48695 ( Michael Interisano )View from directly above of a combine cutting a barley field, Blackie, Alberta, Canada
  • 1116-43032 ( Laura Berman )Golden Beets At A Farmer's Market, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • 1177-3319 ( Nik West )Happy female farmer harvesting fresh red dandelion greens
Robert Harding

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