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Orkney Islands Sept 2011 Wave and Tidal Power shoot - The Pelamis Wave Power machine in Orkney - alongside in Lyness - the machine is the P2 . The Pelamis absorbs the energy of ocean waves and converts it into electricity. The machine floats semi-submerged on the surface of the water and is made up of a number of cylindrical sections joined together by hinged joints. As waves pass down the length of the machine these sections flex relative to one another. The motion at each hinged joint is resisted by hydraulic cylinders which pump fluid into high pressure accumulators allowing electrical generation to be smooth and continuous. Control of the resistance applied by the hydraulic cylinders allows generation to be maximised when waves are small, and the machine response to be minimised in storms. All generation systems are sealed and dry inside the machines and power is transmitted to shore using standard subsea cables and equipment.

Steve Morgan


Steve Morgan