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832-400550 - View of rocky plateau with snow and glacier at sunrise, on the Hochkoenig, Uebergossene Alm, view of the Steinernes Meer, Berchtesgaden Alps, Salzburger Land, Austria, Europe
832-396081 - Milk cans lined up on a wooden bench, window and shrine with Jesus on the cross, facade made of rough stones from an alpine pasture, Gramaialm, Alpenpark Karwendel, Tyrol, Austria, Europe
832-396199 - Snowshoe hiker in winter landscape, trail of snowshoes, behind Admonter Reichenstein, on the way to Ebner Alm, Johnsbacher Almenrunde, Johnsbach, Gesaeuse National Park, Styria, Austria, Europe
746-90525 - In Mendatica the re-enactment of transhumance takes place when the flocks return from the mountain pastures to the farms at the end of the summer season; Imperia; Liguria, Italy
746-88389 - Transhumance, the great sheep trek across the main alpine crest in the Otztal Alps between South Tyrol, Italy, and North Tyrol, Austria. This very special sheep drive is part of the intangible cultural heritage of the austrian UNESCO Commission. Fair at Kurzras with traditional folk music, food and drinks for the herders and the tourists. Alpenhorn played by mountain farmers in their traditional blue skirt, Europe, Central Europe, Italy