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1116-45865 - On The Sea Of Galilee, A Statue Beside The Church Of St Peter's Primacy Depicts Jesus After His Death And Resurrection, Appearing Before St. Peter, Galilee, Israel
809-6595 - Statues in the splay and the left sidewall of the central portal depicting from right to left, the apostles Thomas the Apostle, St. Matthew, St. Philip. Amiens Cathedral, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Picardy, France, Europe
665-5422 - Stone statues of prophets, apostles, and archbishops, central doorway, western facade, on exterior of Cathedral Notre Dame dating from the 12th century, Rouen, Upper Normandy, France, Europe
832-348691 - Apostle figure in the historic cemetery of the pilgrimage church Maria Loreto in Star˝ Hroznatov, Altkinsberg, Cheb region, Eger, Boehmen, Egerland, Czech Republic, Europe