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832-398652 - Indigolupine, blue wild indigo (Baptisia australis), Australian dyer's pod or false indigo, dye plant, medicinal plant, contains a number of quinolizidine alkaloids, including anagyrine, baptifolin, cystinine and lupanine
832-397148 - Aerial view of ocean waves and fantastic rocky shoreline, Aerial view of a coastline along Great Ocean Road, Aerial view of waves hitting rocks on beach with turquoise water
1348-4582 - Simpson Desert , Australia, True Colour Satellite Image. True colour satellite image of the Simpson Desert in the Australian Outback. The sand dunes are coloured in red because of iron oxyd. The green areas are lakes and oueds. East is a calcareous plateau. Image taken on 29 July 1992 using LANDSAT data.
1350-3815 - Side view of Sydney Harbour bridge architectural landmark and city at sunset. Illuminated arch of the bridge reflecting in blurred waters Sydney, New South Wales, Australia