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1113-104782 - View from Gleitmannshorn over the small Zschand at dawn with rocks and blooming heather in the foreground, Kleiner Winterberg, National Park Saxon Switzerland, Saxony, Germany
832-388172 - Wooden cabin, wide landscape, turquoise river, colorful vegetation and discolored trees in autumn, Ruska Aika, Indian Summer, Indian Summer, Indian Summer, Tessand, Innlandet, Norway, Europe
762-398 - Rapids between Mora Lake and Little Saganaga Lake, Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Superior National Forest, Minnesota, United States of America, North America
1116-48180 - A young mom spinning her daughter while playing on a merry go round with a rope climber in a playground at sunset during a warm autumn evening, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1116-47764 - Denali National Park and Preserve as seen from Peters Hills with 20320' Mount Denali, formally know as Mount McKinley, and the Alaska Range, Trapper Creek, Alaska, United States of America
1116-48087 - An attractive middle-aged woman wearing active wear pauses to text message while out running beside a creek in a city park on a warm fall evening and listening to music on her smart phone, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1116-47790 - View of the moon rising above Palmer and the Knik River from atop the Butte, the Chugach Mountains in the background during twilight on a clear evening, South-central Alaska, Palmer, Alaska, United States of America
1116-47710 - A view from Peters Hills of the setting sun with parting clouds revealing 20,320' Mount McKinley with a unnamed lake in the foreground, Alaska, United States of America