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857-94592 - Two hikers are cheering with big local beers in the garden of the Arolla Kurhaus in the Swiss Alps. It is one of the places you can stay for the night half way the Haute Route, a classic multi day hike between Chamonix in France and Zermatt in Switzerland.
832-276176 - Kreuzberg in the Rhon Rhoen mountains district of Rhon-Grabfeld Rhoen-Grabfeld Lower Frankonia Bavaria Germany pilgrims and tripper in the open air restaurant near the pilgrimage church
832-93858 - View across the Limmat River towards the beer garden on Bauschaenzli square, Altstadt promenade and the two steeples of Grossmuenster church at the back, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland, Europe
832-38451 - Prohibition sign "Das Mitbringen und Konsumieren eigener Getraenke ist strengstens verboten", German for "consumption of drinks not bought on these premises is strictly forbidden", MichaeliGarten beer garden in the autumnal Ostpark, Ramersdorf, Munich, Ba
1113-75123 - Couple listening to Hans Werner Schmoelzer (innkeeper of Lammersdorfer Huette) playing accordion (called Steirische), young woman looking from a window, Lammersdorfer Huette (1650 m), Lammersdorf near Millstatt, Carinthia, Austria