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832-395593 - View between yellow autumnal Christmas trees towards a church tower. Beautiful light in the morning at sunrise, Bremm, Moselschleife, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, Europe
832-393942 - Hikers at the summit of the Westliche Toerlspitze, in the background cloudy mountains at sunset with dramatic light, view of Frauenalpl, Wetterstein Mountains, Garmisch Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
1116-51219 - A pair of salps (Salpa sp.) with hyperiid amphipod (Hyperiidea) hitchhikers that were photographed under water during a blackwater dive off the Kona Coast, the Big Island; Island of Hawaii, Hawaii, United States of America
1116-51220 - A chain of salps (Salpa sp.) that was photographed under water during a blackwater dive off the Kona coast, the Big Island; Island of Hawaii, Hawaii, United States of America
1116-52192 - Man standing on mountaintop at Roys Peak with beautiful rays of sunlight after the strenuous hike to the lookout to see the spectacular views of the lakes and surrounding mountains of the Southern Alps near Wanaka; Otago, New Zealand
1116-51936 - View taken from behind of a safari guide and women travelers standing in a parked jeep talking and looking out onto the savanna with binoculars on the Gabus Game Ranch at sunrise; Otavi, Otjozondjupa, Namibia
1350-61 - The Celestron GPS8 scope looking at M22 in the Milky Way in the light of the rising waxing gibbous Moon, from the backyard July 21, 2019. Jupiter is bright at right, Saturn at left.
1350-175 - Cygnus or the Northern Cross is setting amid the pine trees at Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park, on a late October night. Cepheus is above and the bright star Vega is low and just above the trees. Deneb is at centre, as is the dark nebula Lynds 3, the Funnel Cloud Nebula. Light cloud adds the natural star glows but also discolours the sky near the horizon.
1350-137 - A horizon-to-zenith panorama of the winter consellations on a March evening as they set into the southwest. Orion is at bottom centre, with his Belt pointing down to Canis Major and up to Taurus. Gemini and Auriga are at top, in this case near the zenith overhead. The bright star clusters, M44, the Beehive, (at left) and M45, the Pleiades, (at right) flank the Milky Way. M45 is embedded in the Zodiacal Light. The star clusters M35 in Gemini and M41 in Canis Major are also visible as diffuse spots, as are several other star clusters. A couple of satellite trails are visible.
832-390082 - Silhouette of a person in front of cave exit in backlight, cave washed out by the sea, Cathedral Cave, Waipati Beach, The Catlins, Southland, South Island, New Zealand, Oceania