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832-397086 - Pania, Andalusia, municipality of Olvera in the province of Cadiz, located on the Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos, Road of the White Villages, cemetery below the Castillo Arabe, Spain, Europe
1348-3452 - Odette Ambulher was born on the 17th September 1901. She is celebrating her 111th birthday in the retirement home in Laigne-en-Belin, Sarthe in France. Odette Ambulher has 5 children ranging from 77 to 89 years of age.
1116-52195 - The strenuous yet highly rewarding hike to Roys Peak in Wanaka. The hike is difficult but the views are spectacular. A traveler celebrates at the summit; Wanaka, Otago, New Zealand
1116-50968 - A view from behind of a group of paraplegic friends holding their hands high in a victory celebration after a workout in fitness facility: Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada