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1116-49149 - Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula), known for sitting on the highest perch possible while looking for prey such as voles moving below. This one sits on the top of a tree against a blue sky, South-central Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska, United States of America
1116-50258 - Wood bison bull (Bison bison athabascae) portrait, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in South-central Alaska. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center played a big part in helping reintroduce these animals back into the Alaska wilds; Portage, Alaska, United States of America
1116-50249 - A King Salmon, also known as Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), attempts to jump the falls at the Fish Hatchery pond, South-central Alaska; Anchorage, Alaska, United States of America
1116-50252 - Brown bear boar and sow (Ursus arctos) together, sow (female) in the foreground, wet from swimming in the river, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, South-central Alaska; Alaska, United States of America