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832-395863 - Grosser Ahornboden Panorama with autumnal colourful gnarled maple tree in low sun below the Spritzkar and Grubenkar Karwendel peaks with bizarre cloudy sky, Engalm, Engtal, Karwendel, Pertisau, Hinterriss, Tyrol, Austria, Europe
746-90049 - Capo Vaticano is an extensive promontuous, seaside and flat town in the hamlet of San NicolÚ, in the municipality of Ricadi, located between Pizzo Calabro and Nicotera, along the Costa degli Dei, a well-known stretch of the southern Tyrrhenian coast with a tourist vocation, Calabria, Italy, Europe
746-90052 - The birth is due to the Bourbon king Ferdinand III of Sicily who had a hunting lodge built here in 1799, called Real Casina di Caccia, after having bought the Cappelliere fiefs, Corleone, Sicily, Italy, Europe
746-90057 - The Ponte dei Saraceni or Carcaci is a stone bridge probably dating back to the Roman period and rebuilt and modified in the 12th century over the Simeto river, Sicily, Adrano, Catania, Italy, Europe