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1116-51317 - The Hverfjall crater, a tephra cone or tuff ring volcano in Northern Iceland. The crater is approximately 1 kilometre in diameter; Skutustadahreppur, Northeastern Region, Iceland
1350-58 - This is the nebula rich region in the constellation of Monoceros the Unicorn with the dark Cone Nebula (left of centre) and the small V-shaped and bright Hubble's Variable Nebula at bottom, a reflection nebula that varies in form and brightness. Above the Cone Nebula is the triangular Christmas Tree Cluster, NGC 2264, here upside down as the bright blue star 15 Mon is the base of the tree. The large region of nebulosity is Sharpless 2-273. The V-shaped dark nebula above centre is LDN 1603.
1350-82 - The area of the Rosette Nebula (bottom) and Christmas Tree Cluster (top) in Monoceros with the Fornax Lightrack tracker and 200mm lens + Canon 5D MkII. The nebulosity at top includes the Cone Nebula.
1116-49679 - Snorkelers getting ready to enter the water from a snorkelling tour boat operated out of Maui, Hawaii. They are located next to the backwall of Molokini Crater which is a volcanic tuff cone, Maui, Hawaii, United States of America
1176-1157 - Locals in a traditional wooden Korakora racing canoe with the cone of Gunung Api Wetar behind, Rhun, Banda Islands, Maluku, Spice Islands, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Asia
1116-46388 - Cinder Cones And Caldera From Ancient Lava Eruptions Atop 4200 Meter Mauna Kea, Tallest Mountain In Hawaii, At Sunset, Island Of Hawaii, Hawaii, United States Of America
832-380791 - Road through the Atacama desert, behind volcanoes, Andean highlands, road B-357, Talabre, San Pedro de Atacama, El Loa province, Antofagasta region, Norte Grande de Chile, Chile, South America