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1348-4475 - Typhoon Mitag, Philippine Sea, Asia, In 2002, True Colour Satellite Image. Typhoon Mitag on 6 March 2002 in the Philippine Sea, north of the Philippines (lower left-hand corner of the image). True-colour satellite image using MODIS data.
1348-1082 - The Do In is an automassage technique of chinese origin, then imported in Japan. This technique is based on the pressure of certains points (acupressure) aiming at correcting body disorders. Press during a few seconds a point in the inner corner of the eye (image n? 3590009 or n? 3590109), then in the external corner (image n? 3589909), then 3 points in the inferior border of the socket (image n? 3589709). Aim : relieve sinusites.
832-388832 - Saint Rochus of Montpelier, patron saint against plague, holding model of the church St. Sebald, statue under canopy made of copper with verdigris at the corner of the house Egidienplatz and Theresienplatz, Nuremberg, Middle Franconia, Franconia, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
149-5136 - Old cars on a corner on Parque Cespedes with the Hotel Casa Granda and the Casa de la Cultura Miguel Matamoros in the background, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, West Indies, Central America
1174-7718 - Ankor Wat, a 12th century historic Khmer temple and UNESCO world heritage site. Arches and carved stone with large roots spreading across the stonework, Angkor Wat, Cambodia