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1350-137 - A horizon-to-zenith panorama of the winter consellations on a March evening as they set into the southwest. Orion is at bottom centre, with his Belt pointing down to Canis Major and up to Taurus. Gemini and Auriga are at top, in this case near the zenith overhead. The bright star clusters, M44, the Beehive, (at left) and M45, the Pleiades, (at right) flank the Milky Way. M45 is embedded in the Zodiacal Light. The star clusters M35 in Gemini and M41 in Canis Major are also visible as diffuse spots, as are several other star clusters. A couple of satellite trails are visible.
832-390901 - Couple hugging, looking into the distance, view of turquoise glacial lake surrounded by forest, Peyto Lake, Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park, Alberta Province, Canada, North America
1113-104927 - Young woman and young man sitting on rocks near the camp fire and camping out on the pebble beach of the bay Cala Sisine, Golfo di Orosei, Selvaggio Blu, Sardinia, Italy, Europe