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1243-543 - Panoramic view of vineyards and mountains near Wellington, a town in the Western Cape Winelands, a 45-minute drive from Cape Town, in South Africa with a population of approximately 62,000
1242-589 - Tuteata doorway, located at the start of Tītokorangi Drive near the Redwoods Visitor Centre, carved by Grant Hamarama Smith Marunui, Kawana Waititi, and Haami Te Aho, North Island, New Zealand, Pacific
1373-33 - New York City cityscape viewed from the West Drive, the westernmost of Central Park's scenic drives, nestled between Upper West Side and Upper East Side neighborhoods of Manhattan, New York City, United States of America, North America
832-403887 - Ascent to Colle Sommeiller, also Col du Sommeiller, Mont-Cenis massif, Rough gravel road in the Piedmont Alps, Italian-French border area, Bardonecchia, Piedmont, Italy, Europe
832-401836 - Single windmill turbine and small traditional Greek Orthodox chapel or church and road to them in colorful landscape on hilltop against blue sky with some cloulds on clear sunny summer day. Crete, Greece, Europe
1358-191 - Monument to the Selkirk Settlers, erected in 2008, to commemorate the 19th century Scots who settled after the Highland Clearances, Waterfront Drive, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, North America