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1353-728 - Single Car crossing Rannoch Moor on the A82 Trunk Road at dusk with Beinn a Chreachain and the Grampian Mountains behind, Rannoch Moor, Argyll & Bute, Scottish Highlands, Scotland, UK
1243-532 - Aerial drone panoramic view capturing the cityscape of Cape Town, South Africa as dusk sets in, highlighting the downtown buildings with a warm glow against the silhouette of Table Mountain and Lion's Head
1361-434 - Aerial winter view of a hiker walking the snowy hill with trees covered with snow and ice at dusk, Mustavaara, Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park, Muonio, Finnish Lapland, Finland, Scandinavia, Europe
1361-430 - Full moon above snowy peaks in the Arctic landscape reflecting in the cold water of the fjord at dusk, Lyngen fjord, Lyngen Alps, Troms og Finnmark, Norway, Scandinavia, Europe
1361-429 - Man in the Arctic landscape walks on the icy surface of a Finnish lake in front of Saana hill (fell) at dusk, Kilpisjarvi, Enontekio municipality, Finnish Lapland, Finland, Scandinavia, Europe
1361-416 - Aerial view of a car traveling on icy road on top of a frozen lake surrounded by coniferous forest covered with snow, a dusk, Jokkmokk, Norrbotten, Swedish Lapland, Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe