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832-382001 - Dream beach, sandy beach with palm trees and turquoise sea, cloudy sky, Parque Nacional del Este, island Saona Island, Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Central America
1113-93326 - Painted trunks of trees, El bosque pintado de Oma, El bosque animado de Oma, Parte de este nino y parte del otro da uno mas, A part of this child and a part of the other one makes some more, Kortezubi, Guernica, natural reserve of Urdaibai, province of Bizkaia, Basque Country, Euskadi, Northern Spain, Spain, Europe
817-425672 - View of the water jets of the Organ fountain, 1566, housing organ pipies driven by air from the fountains Villa d'Este, Tivoli, Italy, Unesco World Heritage Site
832-55167 - Hotel Atlantico, swimming pool and beach with palm trees, Santa Maria del Mar, Playas del Este, Havana, Habana, Cuba, Greater Antilles, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, America